Nicolas Sassoon

Nicolas Sassoon employs early computer imaging techniques to render a wide array of forms and figures – encoded visually using pixelated patterns, limited color palettes and animation. His focus on early computer graphics is driven by the sculptural, material and pictorial qualities of this imagery, as well as its limitations and its poetics. Translating material qualities on screen is essential in Sassoon’s practice – it is approached through the use of graphic elements with strong optical properties. Sculptural and architectural projects are conceived through digital rendering and manifested via screen-based graphics. This process moves away from realism and practicality to enter a realm of fantasized and imaginary structures, where forms are freed from material contingencies and exist as screen-based animations. When these works are brought back to a physical context, they reference their screen-based origins. They manifest as prints, sculptures and projections inquiring on their own reality and materiality in space.

Part of Sassoon’s research focuses on all-over animations produced using a moiré patterning technique – consisting in the overlap of two images to generate the illusion of third image. The resulting animations lean towards abstraction although they reference natural forces. This natural reference emerges through experimentation; when visual elements reminiscent of organic forms are noticed, they are isolated and reinforced. These works are displayed online as animated all-overs and in space as projections scaled to the architecture in context. They translate physical experiences of natural forces into endless animated surfaces – using technological displays as contemplative openings towards ethereal fields. Sassoon’s recent works also include the depiction of existing spaces based on their cultural and personal significance. Sections of architecture are rendered meticulously in isometric perspective and appear to drift in a cosmic void. Another recent body of research considers an array of structures derived from the artist’s imagery as vessels for the artificial growth of lichens and mosses.

Sassoon was born in Marseille, France in 1981. He currently lives and works in Vancouver BC, Canada. He is a co-founder of the collaborative projects W-A-L-L-P-A-P-E-R-S and SIGNALS. His work has been exhibited at The Whitney Museum of American Art (US), Eyebeam (US), 319 Scholes (US), Vancouver Art Gallery (CA), Plugin ICA (CA), Contemporary Art Gallery (CA), Charles H.Scott Gallery (CA), Western Front (CA), PRETEEN Gallery (MX), Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), the Centre d’Art Bastille (FR), House of Electronic Arts Basel (SW), Kunsthalle Langenthal (SW), Arti et Amicitiae (NL), MU Eindhoven (NL) , Today Art Museum (CN), Chronus art Center (CN), the Berlin Fashion Week (DE) and the New-York Fashion Week (US).




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