Duct Duck Puce
Selected Exhibition
Capture Photography Festival 2024

Opening reception: Sat, Mar 2, 2-4 PM
Exhibition: Mar 2 – Apr 27, 2024
Hours: Thurs – Sat, 12-5 PM

For preview or sales inquiries, please contact Wil Aballe,

1129 East Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6A 1S3

A photograph records a moment of light captured within the narrow scope of the camera’s lens. This process can negate other truths outside the frame. A photograph can, paradoxically, be capable of capturing matters unseen, pointing to phenomena beyond the rational and the science of optics.

What does it mean to represent subjectivities that constitute the build-up of memory? Duct Duck Puce is the examination of a life lived and avoided through the compulsive making and taking of photographs as a means of escaping and explaining dramatic events that broke with the real. It takes as its starting point images that caught something of the phenomenological, haunted landscapes whose impressions have lingered for decades. These landscapes lead to material investigations, where Hill-Carroll’s painted and sculpture interventions break the photographic surface: Duct tape rips areas away while resistance bands apply pressure on the images and their frames.

For Hill-Carroll, breaking the constraints of the photographic medium culminated in the freedom to return to the creation of new images that capture bodily residues and residues of human action. Her latest works, made in the studio and the non-space of the scanner, are meditations on the body and its decay in relation to objects and organic matter.

With Duck Duct Puce, Hill-Carroll chronicles the cognitive dissonance of photography’s capacity to both conceal and reveal. The removal of the apparatus of the camera, which once provided a safe distance, is brought to the fore through somatic interventions that create new surfaces of experience for the viewer.
MAEGAN HILL-CARROLL is an artist and writer based in Vancouver. She holds an MFA from UCLA and a BFA from the University of Manitoba where she grew up building houses. Her writing has been published in Fillip and the Chapess. She is represented by Wil Aballe Art Projects. Recent exhibitions include Lucreitia’s Toe at WAAP and  DRUNK at Vinegar Art Projects in Birmingham, Alabama. Duct Duck Puce which will open in March 2024 at WAAP in Vancouver. She is working on a book project called Green Puce.