Permanent Head 

Opening reception: Thurs, Sept 12, 6-9 PM

Exhibition: Sept 12 – Oct 12, 2019


Wil Aballe Art Projects | WAAP

1129 East Hastings St.

Vancouver, BC V6A 1S3




Mitch Speed – Permanent Head PDF

The snow is coming down like angel spit. Meanwhile, the ground is falling away. I’ve been trying to put words to pictures, and the dumb fact of the matter is that those falling flakes just reminded me of the marks falling into these pages.

In her masterful essay My Emily Dickinson, the poet Susan Howe asked her reader: “Who polices questions of grammar, parts of speech, connection, and connotation? Whose order is shut inside the structure of a sentence? What inner articulation releases the coils and complications of Saying’s assertion?”  For three years the, the essay has been a restless obsession. It’s only recently that I’ve seen the link, between its splintered syntaxes, and these broken language pictures.

A rare moment of clarity: Catch it! Stuff it in a box! Stamp it down in text and don’t ever let it get away! What I’m drawn to, is the shape of letters and words, as they push slip and fall, out of your lips, gullet, stomach; speaking and writing as things soothing and excruciating. The images are becoming analogues for this feeling of weird letters and words, moving in and out of weird you.

MITCH SPEED is an artist and writer based in Berlin. He contributes to several publications, including Frieze, Mousse, Momus, and Camera Austria. His book ‘Mark Leckey: Fiorruci Made Me Hardcore,’ about Leckey’s 1999 work of that title, will be published by Afterall Books in Autumn 2019. Speed is currently working on a book length essay, concerning the problematic and mythological relationship between drinking and artistry.


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