As part of Vancouver Art Gallery’s online plaform, Art Connects, Vancouver-based media and performance artist Evann Siebens performed A Lexicon of Gesture (ZOOM) live in June 2020, experimenting with a new approach to present performance art in digital space, opening up the possibilities of what can be achieved in this medium.

Having danced with the National Ballet of Canada and the Bonn Ballet before studying film production and entering performance art, Evann Siebens brings a particular attention to the body, gesture and documentation in her practice. For instance, her 2018–19 work Plus TheCo, Minus Helen Goodwin involved collaboration with many other creators to make a sculptural, video and performative homage to little-known Canadian choreographer Helen Goodwin. In this upcoming June 2020 online Zoom performance, Siebens will likely be solo, but collaborating with others in the history of dance and performance through a process of embodiment, imitation and social and temporal distance. —Leah SandalsCanadian Art