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Hverfisgalleri, Iceland
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would like to congratulate 2020 Swiss Art Award Finalist


as she presents


September 10 to October 22, 2020

In “Performing Negotiations”, Dawn Nilo invites you to enter into the creative and conceptual game of negotiating the terms and agreements of buying selling and performing art. Set within one of in situ or online galleries, everything is for sale: performances, ideas, images, videos, photographs, prints, sculp- tures, carpets, tables, chairs, pens, the soul or anything else. Between a staging ground for an absurd self-reflective play, and an honest sales negotiation, “Performing Negotiations” is a game of anything (that can be negotiated) goes.

This unique opportunity offers anyone, for a limited time and within the frame of the exhibition, the opportunity to become a collector through Monk Contemporary or any of our affiliates. As the act of performing negotiations becomes a performance in itself, we will explore together with the artist and our collectors, the challenges and possibilities of creating value within and “without” the art market. We consider this not only a game, but a game changer, as the rules can and will be temporarily broken and created in this absurd research lab.

The reality lies in the fact that at first, anything is possible, but once a deal is made, it defines the work and sets possible conditions and protocols for the future.

DAWN NILO was born in 1968 in North Vancouver Canada and is now based in Basel Switzerland. She received her MFA from the Basel Art Institute in 2016. Nilo’s work has been exhibited or performed at institutions such as the Schaulager, Kunsthaus Baselland, Kunsthalle Basel and the Gessneralle in Switzer- land; the Leopold Museum and Volx/ Margarethen Theatre in Austria and the Gerdasafn-Kóopavogur Museum in Iceland. Some excerpts from her career include a nomination for the Swiss Art Award (2020) and Swiss Performance Art Award (2017), and a danceWeb scholorship (Vienna 2016). Her work has recently been represented by Contemporary Monk at the Brussels Gallery Weekend 2019 and at Art Rotterdam 2020. Some of the artists and curators she has worked with include Tino Sehgal, Simone Forti, Paul Chan, John Gior- no, Klaus Biesenbach, Tom Stromberg and Poka-Yio.

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