Lyse Lemieux: Trespassers / Intrus

Exhibition Dates:

June 25-September 19, 2021–Trespassers—Intrus.html

This survey exhibition presents work by Vancouver-based contemporary artist Lyse Lemieux, whose interdisciplinary practice focuses primarily on drawing, sculpture and installation. Lemieux’s works on paper investigate the space between painting and drawing, abstraction and representation as it relates to the human figure.

Trespassers / Intrus focuses on Lemieux’s evolving engagement with the body. Through sculpture and drawings in ink, paint, and fabric, her work evokes transformation through a choreography of hybridized elements – through animal references, appendages, and articles of clothing that both obscure and reveal. Her longstanding interest in the personal and symbolic associations of garments is also explored.

A complex installation of suspended glass school tunics, titled The Classroom, revisits a previous work that the artist created in the 1980s. Based on a formative memory and a dream-like experience from childhood, the work evokes the thrill of rebellion and the promise of transformation