Speaker Series

Virtual Exhibitions Artist Talk with Adad Hannah, Rydel Cerezo and Maegan Hill-Carroll


4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Join Capture for artist talks by the three artists participating in Capture’s Virtual Exhibitions that explore the conditions of creating work during the present moment of social distancing and self-isolation. The talk will begin with Adad Hannah discussing his Social Distancing Portraits, an ongoing series of short, unedited videos produced from a distance of at least 5 meters. While the videos feature strangers from afar, they are very much portraits—intimate, unwavering, and direct. Next, Rydel Cerezo will discuss his exhibition Back of My Hand, which includes images taken during isolation of the only people he can touch while in isolation–his family. The talk will conclude with artist and writer Maegan Hill-Carroll discussing a series of still-lives made from the confines of her home-based studio, Touching Oranges. The images juxtapose the artist’s body with fruit in unexpected and uncomfortable ways, revealing unspoken codes of conduct that prescribe what is socially acceptable for bodies to do and touch.