WAAP is pleased to announce our participation in NADA New York 2022 with a solo presentation of new work by Canadian artist, Lyse Lemieux. The fair will be held May 5–8, 2022 at Pier 36, 299 South Street, New York. Works can be viewed in-person at Booth P29. 

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With this presentation WAAP offers a carefully curated selection of works by Vancouver based Artist, Lyse Lemieux. Through consideration of process and materiality Lemieux continues to explore the space between abstraction and representation while consistently maintaining an interest in the human body. At times intentionally cartoon-like and humorous, Lemieux’s subtext is always charged with a narrative energy that references popular culture. Created out of disjunctive parts, her abstracted figuration speaks to delays and latencies in the realization of the human face and figure. Although they are blank with respect to facial features and appendages, and reveal nothing of the artist herself, they embody unspoken stories. Clothing and dresses in particular, become synonymous in symbolizing human presence. Hybrid female figures imply disembodiment and dysfunction – compelling symbols for the untenable female body – addressing the “multiple personal, physical and social selves that women project, inhabit and experience.”

LYSE LEMIEUX is the 2017 recipient of the VIVA AWARD granted by the Doris and Jack Shadbolt Foundation for the visual Arts. Adjudicated by an independent jury the VIVA is awarded annually to mid-career artists for outstanding achievement and commitment to the Visual Arts. Lemieux has in recent years expanded her practice to include large scale, outdoors Public Art with projects that considers the physical, emotional and communal environments these spaces can offer.

Based in Vancouver, Lemieux attended the University of Ottawa and graduated with a BFA from the University of British-Columbia. She has exhibited nationally and internationally including the Canadian Cultural Centre in Rome, the Vancouver Art Gallery, Oakville Galleries in Toronto, Trépanier-Baer Gallery in Calgary, Katzman Contemporary in Toronto, Simon Fraser University Gallery in Burnaby and, the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver.