PATRICK CRUZ – Quarantine of Difference

Quarantine of Difference
Opening: Thurs, Oct 12, 2017, 6-8 PM
Oct 12 – Nov 11, 2017

The wall text is taken from various essays and articles that critique the problem of gentrification as a destabilizing phenomenon. These fragmented words explicitly express the oppressive forces that appropriate and displace the individuals and communities it affects. These phrases evoke an anxious sentiment of dissatisfaction and skepticism towards the march to modernization.

The installation is viewed as one work. But, as with land or real estate, the work can be parcelled off individually or in groups.

The floor paintings can be read as literal pieces of landscape. The paintings were made on the canvases of past works; the act of repriming the canvases with white acrylic paint speaks to the erasure of specific content that at one point held meaning. The paintings were then repainted in a style that hovers between minimalist and modernist geometric abstraction. The colour scheme borrows the palette of a subdued landscape painting, sun and earth. The use of mixed media in the past work has sometimes resulted in the surface texturing evoking soil or land. In this work, abstraction is employed both as a formalist device and as a metaphor to articulate the abstraction of ownership and geographic borders. Placed on the ground, the paintings mimic pieces of land, geographic formations or topographic views of a city. The modernist abstractions reflect about the usage of minimalist and modernist aesthetics as a strategy in selling real estate and how the proliferation of that aesthetic en masse has contributed to the gentrification of neighbourhoods.