Epic Ephemera: Signals

 April 23, 2021 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Mobile Projection Unit presents an outdoor digital installation series at the Portland Art Museum, reimagining space at an epic scale and unraveling hidden mythologies. The Epic Ephemera series ranges from a group screening of experimental media work rooted in ritual, sculpting canvases atop architecture to reveal the poetics of the natural world, to bringing leading pioneers of audio/video/coding to Portland through a digital portal. Epic Ephemera reinvents public space and shared experience, transcending the limitations of our screens.

SIGNALS is a collaborative project by artists Nicolas Sassoon (Vancouver, BC) and Rick Silva (Eugene, OR)  that focuses on immersive audio-visual renderings of altered seascapes. Sassoon and Silva share an  ongoing theme in their individual practices; the depiction of wilderness and natural forms through  computer imaging. Created by merging their respective fields of visual research, SIGNALS features oceanic  panoramas inhabited by unnatural substances and enigmatic structures. The project draws from sources  such as oceanographic surveys, climate studies and science-fiction to create 3D generated video works  and installations that reflect on contamination, mutation and future ecologies. This exhibition digitally maps the work onto the Museum’s courtyard and features a live soundtrack by Pulse Emitter.